Egg-o-matic Slot

Get Egg-lucky with Egg-o-matic Video Slot Machine

Slot Type: Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenomination, Skill Stop Feature, Free Spin Bonus Round, Spreading Wild Feature, Coin Win Egg Feature, Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine
Software: Net Entertainment
Platform: Instant Play – No App to Download
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Max Coins Per Line: 10
Bet Range Per Payline: 0.01 – 1.00
Bet Line Jackpot: 1,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 1,000 coins.


Net Entertainment’s video slot machine games offer you something that will interest you or entertain you. One such game is the Egg-O-Matic video slot machine that is available on the site. NetEnt (The creators of Starburst Slot), sees Egg-O-matic kick off with an intro which is more of a sales pitch on how to turn your frail chicken that rarely lays eggs into a gold laying star and all you have to do is use the Egg-O-matic machine. Of course the machine malfunctions and the clip comes to an end. This then introduces us to the game that is the Egg-O-matic video slot machine. That is a 20-bet line 5-reel game that offers you 1000 coins jackpot per playing reel. The game has not only great graphics and sound effects, but there are a number of options on how you can win big with this video slot game.

How to play:

The Egg-O-matic video slot machine offers you coin value options between 0.01 up to 1.00. 20 paylines also give you a larger option of winning combinations as long as the symbols work in your favor. The controls match something out of a lab where you get to select the coin value, place a maximum bet select the level of play as well as the bet you wish to play. The interesting thing about this video slot machine is that there is the Egg-o-matic machine that spews various eggs which have values on them. The spins take place and the eggs move across a conveyer belt from right to left of the screen.

Egg-O-matic and Conveyer Belt:

The Egg-o-matic machine creates a variety of eggs that can either change symbols or give you coins and even free spins. Aside from the golden eggs also known as Coin Win eggs that have the power to give you coins if they land above the Wild symbol, there are different types of eggs. One of them is the blue Spreading Wild egg which when released above a regular Wild Symbol can turn symbols next to it or diagonal from it into Wild Symbols. There is a green Free Spin egg that comes out with a number on it. The number on it when it lands over a Wild Symbol can translate into free spins for you. There is yet another egg known as the Surprise Egg. It can release any type of egg bonus once a wild symbol appears below it. It is important to note that should you change the coin value or bet level during a game, the video slot machine will warn you that all eggs released on the conveyer belt will disappear and you must start from scratch.

Egg-O-matic Symbols:

The regular symbols are signified by mechanical chicks such as the Junior Rooster, Hen, Smart Chick, Water Chick, and Ugly chick. These are accompanied by the red chick, pink cheek, green chick, blue chick and tan chick. A combination of these symbols as well as the Wild symbols can give you winning combinations that can earn you money.

Wild and Spreading Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol is signified by a rooster in this video slot machine game. Once the wild rooster lands below a special egg on the conveyer belt, the rooster receives the dropped egg and releases those free spins or free coins to be added to your total wins. If a Spreading Wild egg appears (the blue one), then the Wild symbol will receive it and turn symbols next to and diagonal from it into Wild symbols, thereby offering you a shot at more winning combinations. The beauty with high quality video slot machine games such as this one is the fact that the animations bring the game to life and makes it more interesting and entertaining.

Free Spin Bonus round

When the green free spin eggs appear on the conveyer belt above a Wild symbol, then the free spin bonus round is activated. When the free spins begin, the Egg-O-matic releases 4 eggs onto the belt and the free spins begin. While the spins are in motion, the 5th egg is released and more eggs are released constantly until all free spins are exhausted. The beauty with free spins is that they are autoplayed and most wins are usually multiplied by a certain number. When these are added to your coin total, it means that you have more coins to play around with and make more wins.  You will find the free spins round to be very similar to that on steam tower slot bonus round.

Auto Spin and Skill Stop Features

The autoplay option in the Egg-O-matic video slot machine allows your machine to make a set number of spins for you. These can range from 10 up to 1000 spins. You are able to stop the spins by pressing ‘stop’ in the autoplay menu or select more options in advanced settings that tell the game when to stop spinning like when you win or when a number of coins is reached. The skill stop feature lets you choose when to stop the spin action in the game. The spin button still maintains its ability to stop each spin you make.


Egg-O-matic video slot game lets you win whenever the Wild symbol shows up on the reels and there are eggs on the conveyer belt. Active paylines are the ones that are paid out and you can get a maximum reel jackpot of 1,000 coins which you can achieve by spinning 5 junior roosters per game. You can enjoy this ‘eggtastic’ game from the Net entertainment site without downloading any software. You can play for fun at first and then make a bet with real money in various currencies.

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Stan James Review

Stan James is one of the most famous bookmakers, trading by the name of It is quite famous among people from the UK and Europe and was formed in 1973.

The horse racing odds by Stan James are impressive, along with best live sports game betting. Stan James has been in the business for over 38 years now with a proven track record. The various services offered by include mobile sports betting, poker as well as casino games.  It is offering some of the best odds for the upcoming premier league season.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

There are three currency options available, which include Euro, USD and GBP. The player has the option of depositing using other currencies too, but in that case normal conversion fee needs to be paid.

The various options available to deposit funds are MasterCard, Visa Maestro, Switch, Solo Delta, Electron, Neteller, Laser, Moneybookers, cashier cheques, Paysafecard cheques, money orders, bankers draft, personal cheques and bank transfers.

For withdrawal, getting your cash out is a very simple process. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is £10 and there are no additional charges to withdraw money from the Stan James account (some card providers may charge). The methods used for depositing funds can be used to withdraw funds too, but funds cannot be withdrawn in case of non-UK issued cards.

 Promotions and Offers

New customers get a bonus of up to £150 for free bets to encourage them to get familiar with Stan James. This process consists of five steps though. The very first bet is matched up to £10.

In order to win the second free bet, the average of the following two bets would be matched to £20. To win the third free bet, the average of following three bets would be matched to £30. To win fourth free bet, the average of the following four bets would be matched to £40.

Finally, in order to win the final fifth free bet, the average of the following five bets would be matched to £50.

Stan James also offers money back; hence, the player gets three options-win, lose or to take the bet back.

Betting Coverage

The offers related to the current betting and prices may change quickly as Stan James is famous for in running game betting. (For e.g., as soon as the first goal is scored, a new offer comes up of who will score the second goal). The live update feature is updated every second without refreshing the web page. No exchange betting is allowed in Stan James.

Stan James also offers betting on horse racing (European tracks, UK tracks, Australian tracks and other international events).

Other sports include golf, cricket, greyhound racing, tennis, rugby, American football, futsal, beach soccer, baseball, basketball, boxing/MMA, darts, cycling, snooker, hockey, volleyball, hurling, motorsports and very good football coverage.

Some Positive and Negative Points of Stan James


  • It is safe and easy, and has also been in the market for a while.
  • The user only needs one account for all the betting.
  • Easy website format, which is user-friendly. Their home page is quite interactive.
  • Offers the best price on horse racing, along with money back offer.
  • The odds have credibility.


  • No odds are available on Asian handicaps.
  • The offers and promotions are mainly for players from the UK


Stan James is an important addition in the world of online bookmakers. It is good for people who want to make extra money and don’t mind taking a risk. Open an account with Stan James and take advantage of the best offers and prices. For all the people who are tired of their monotonous routine, Stan James could be a saviour!

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7 Environmental Problems We are Facing Today

Environment problems have become a matter of grave concern for scientists across the globe. As the recent development stands, experts are of the opinion that if the trend continues then earth is not likely to last more than 200 to1,000 years from now.

The Arctic and the Antarctic regions have already started melting. Apart from this, there are a host of other problems, which is a cause of great threat for earth and all the living beings. In this article, we will briefly cover some of the problems that loom large.

#1-Global Warming

The phenomenon of global warming started in the 1970s and since then there has been a steady increase of the earth’s temperature. The temperature of the ocean has gone up by quite a few degrees. The continuous melting of ice from the corner of the earth on a consistent level is due to global warming. The increase of carbon dioxide in the earth’s surface is a grave concern for the scientist community.


The amount of trees on the surface of the earth has drastically decreased in the past few decades. Forests have been destroyed largely due to expansion of cities and villages. This factor is largely responsible for oxygen-carbon dioxide imbalance on earth’s surface.

While a number of attempts have been taken by various countries to address this matter, increased commercialisation has made that job virtually impossible.

#3-Ozone Layer Depletion

The ozone layer, which is the protective layer of the atmosphere, has been depleting gradually. The ozone layer ensures that certain harmful radiation of the sun such as the CFC does not enter the surface of the earth and cause harm to the people.

These radiations are extremely dangerous and are capable of causing a wide variety of diseases such as skin cancer.

#4-Animal Extinction

In the recent years, a lot of animal species are becoming extinct. While it may not sound quite alarming, it is extremely detrimental as far as the environment is concerned. Animals keep the food-cycle balance. Certain group extinctions will mean that the food-cycle balance will be disturbed, and eventually it will be a threat for the mankind to survive on earth.

#5-Water Degradation

There was once a very interesting theory regarding the third world war. It was concluded that the third world war might be possible and the reason of such mass battle would be for fresh water. Believe it or not, out of the 2/3rd portion of earth, which is covered by earth only 1% is fresh water. Large scale sewage projects across geographies are making sure that fresh water is further reduced. This could be a matter of great concern in the days to come.

#6-Acid Rain

While this has not become a common phenomenon is many parts of the world, it is still an environment threat nevertheless. Scientists are of the view that the rain is increasingly becoming acidic in nature in certain parts of the world. Acid rain primarily happens due air pollution on a large scale. It not only creates mass health hazards, but it also destroys crops. The food items become instantly poisonous due to acid rain. This could be very harmful for people in those regions if not looked into immediately.

#7-Change in Climate Cycle

This perhaps is the result of all the problems mentioned above. The climate has drastically changed in the last 50 years. The rain cycle has changed and millions of lives have been affected. It not only disturbs the people, but the water habitats also get affected. Fishes have been dying in large numbers and that’s how prices in the markets go up as well.

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The looming threat of electronic waste

There has been an environmental catastrophe lurking in the shadows that the typical person in the UK has been completely oblivious to for a number of years now – and we’re now amongst the worst in the world when it comes to addressing it.

The problem is electronic waste, also known as e-waste within the recycling industry. Every year  49 million tons of electronic goods are disposed of and end up in landfills across the globe. Those goods then begin to emit lethal gases, such as sulphur dioxide and various acidic fumes, over a period of time, which not only hamper the local environment but also have serious health implications for anyone who happens to live nearby.


The real issue is that the consumers of electronic devices are not the ones being impacted. Like most western countries, the UK exports the large majority of its e-waste to developing nations in Asia and Africa. Unfortunately, due to corruption and greed, the waste is usually then mismanaged and left in a heap. Young children will routinely visit the disposal sites to salvage precious metals and computer chips, which can then be sold at markets in urban areas, helping to provide for their families.

“This is a paramount concern of ours,” said Steven Athwal, Managing Director of Bozowi, a company that allows people to sell their phones and other gadgets for recycling. “It’s now getting to the stage where if we don’t take the necessary actions, we may not be able to recover from this” he added. Mr Athwal later went on to conclude that “throwing your stuff into a recycling box isn’t enough when it comes to e-waste. We need to reuse as much as possible and that’s exactly what we facilitate at Bozowi”.

The WEEE directive most certainly backs up his claims, suggesting that reusing equipment is 20 times greener than simply going through the usual recycling process. Unfortunately, most people are not interested until it is having a direct effect on them personally. This has been a primary cause for the rise of industries such as mobile phone recycling – where consumers can sell their old phones, which are then sold on to end users elsewhere in the world. This places money, a commodity that is always precious, in their hands for popping something they don’t use in an envelope.

However, that’s not enough. Mobile phones only account for around 9% of all e-waste and only 11% of all handsets are actually recycled. Companies like Bozowi are now starting to accept a broader range of products such as iPads, laptops and mp3 players and anything else you may have laying around your house but getting the consumer to actively engage with them is a real problem.

While it’s also easy to point at the big corporate companies in situations like these and suggest that they’re contributing the majority of the waste, the simple truth is they’re not. We are so connected and depending on electronics now that we, as individuals, are the ones doing the most damage. The puck really does stop with us on this one.

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Going Green is not as daunting as it sounds. It only takes a few adjustments in your day-to-day lives to ensure a greener and safer planet. In this article, we will cover a few simple steps through which you can do your bit to help the environment:

#1-Go Solar

Going solar will ensure that a lot of energy is saved. Apart from pollution, it can also help you save some extra pounds. Experts say that if every household in the planet switches to one solar light, pollution will be cut down by more than 1%. Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it?

#2-Avoid Printing

In this digital age, it is very easy to work on your tablets and smart phones. There is no point in taking a print out of every document. Make the best use of your gadgets and help the planet save some trees. One less tree means less oxygen in some part of the world.

#3-Don’t Use Bottled Water

Plastic bottles are very hard to recycle. Environment experts say that more than 90% of the plastic bottles go underground without recycling. It takes hundreds of years for these bottles to degrade. Getting rid of plastic bottles can mean less soil pollution and less harm to the soil microbes.

#4-Don’t Waste Water

Fresh water is a scarce resource. There is a very popular theory that the next world war might be fought involving the ownership of fresh water. Simple things such as not running the tap while brushing your teeth can make a huge difference in saving water and the planet.

#5-Plant More Trees

Well! Don’t panic. Planting trees is not as difficult as it seems. You can easily plant one tree in your lawn or garden area. If you do not own a back yard, you can use plant tubs at home. It not only ensures fresh oxygen, but also makes the world a greener place to live in.

#6-Use One Coffee Cup

Did you ever wonder about the humongous amount of plastic and packaging matter necessary for coffee mugs? Do your bit and use one coffee cup. A bone china coffee cup or a steel cup is equally stylish than a plastic cup if not more. You can save thousands of plastic and packaging material throughout your life time.

#7-Switch Off the Lights

Every time you leave your room, just make sure that all the lights are switched off. Don’t unnecessarily charge your laptop or mobile phones when it is fully charged. Make sure that your house uses only the amount of electricity it requires. Over consumption means more generation of electricity and more power.

#8-Recycle your Phone

The average lifetime of a phone is approximately 18 months. Make sure that you recycle your phone after you are done using it. There are a lot of reputed recycling programs. Choose one, instead of just dumping it somewhere in your house or in the garbage.

#9-Don’t Use Lighters

Lighter contains butane, which is very hard to recycle. The next time you want to light a candle or a cigarette, use a match box instead of a lighter. That being said, while choosing make sure that you pick a cardboard match over a wooden one. The latter comes from trees and hence, using them is not a healthy practice.

#10-Don’t Smoke

Smoking is not only injurious to your own health but injurious to the environment as well. Smoking pollutes the environment and makes others feel uncomfortable. Try to bid goodbye to this bad habit once and for all. By doing this you will not only live longer, but also help the planet go green.

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Keeping Spaces Greener in Your Locality

GreenStat is an online database that allows users to comment on the quality of local parks and open spaces in their locality. Based in the UK, this visitor survey system records opinions of users regarding their local parks and spaces around them. This kind of survey will help the management and people in charge of the green spaces to enhance the services and provide people with better opportunity to indulge in nature.

Many times, parks and local green spaces are developed beautifully but they lack maintenance and certain services. This kind of feedback cannot be achieved without direct survey from users who use the parks on an everyday basis. In order to meet the requirement of getting accurate feedback and understanding the situation of each park and green space, GreenStat has been developed.


You can fill out a questionnaire to answer certain questions that will help the authorities understand the current scenario of the local park or individual green spaces in your area.

There are two kinds of questionnaire that you can choose from; you can either respond about the whole park services in the country or talk about an individual park or space that you would like to specifically mention. There are two completely different questionnaires for this and you can select based on what you would like to review. The questionnaires seek the same information, but are worded differently based on the intended purpose. You can access these questionnaires from the website and fill out the online version. You can also find traditional hard copies of these if you do not use the internet but want to voice your opinion.


This initiative is powered by GreenSpace, a national charity that works towards enhancing the green spaces in your neighbourhood. Your valuable feedback will go a long way in making sure that each local park and services related to them are up to the mark and provide what residents need.


Your privacy is completely maintained on the website survey, ensuring that none of your personal details are ever leaked.

Data Storage and Access

The data is directly transferred into the GreenStat database, reducing costs of data entry, thus making the system extremely cost-effective. The data collected via these questionnaires is shared with concerned authorities and is accessible to nominated members of the client organisation and GreenSpace. The data that is used by GreenSpace is always anonymous.

Why is GreenStat Different from Other Survey Systems?

  • You can provide survey feedback on any park or green space across the country as well as services related to parks on a single platform.
  • GreenStat seeks to become a national standard approach to maintain standards in park maintenance and benchmark the way parks are managed across the UK.
  • GreenStat provides opportunities for national, regional and local residents to benchmark their parks and services related to parks.
  • It is one place where you can find a management tool as well as visitor satisfaction data.
  • It is supported and encouraged by CABE Space and HLF.
  • You can get access to service as well as site specific data with GreenStat.
  • The survey allows clients to collect unlimited number of responses for their parks and open spaces.
  • The online submitted questionnaires require no data entry, making it a quick and cost-effective system.
  • Currently, this survey system is being used by 60 local authorities and plans of expanding are in the pipeline.
  • GreenStat is being managed by GreenSpace, the only national charity that is dedicated to the betterment and promotions of parks and open spaces

This unique initiative is surely in the right direction towards better parks and open spaces in the country. With customer satisfaction survey, the park management can definitely improvise in areas that are lacking and enhance their services to ensure all customers are completely satisfied with the local and national parks and open spaces.

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Index mv

Your local park…
Litter-strewn or litter-free?
Brilliant or boring?
A no-go area or a safe place to be?
…what would make it better?

Now’s the time to have your say…

We want your opinion as we embark on a quest to get
a million voices from throughout the UK to give a snapshot
of the state of our parks.

Submit Questionnaire

Good Parks Guide

Win a copy of the Good Parks Guide!

Each month we will pick a respondent and send them a copy of the Good Parks Guide (RRP £12.99).

So click here to tell us about your local
park and you could find out about hundreds of others you can visit!

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Select Visitor Type

You now have a choice about whether you wish to provide your contact details or remain anonymous. By providing your contact details you will be able to return to the GreenSTAT website and log in using your first name, surname and postcode (below). You may then finish the questionnaire(s) that you did not manage to complete, or start a new questionnaire.

If you choose to remain anonymous, the system will not remember you and you will have to start a new questionnaire each time you visit GreenSTAT.

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